About Me.

In a constant state of evolution

Nigerian Photographer: Ogobegwu Chudy

Ogobegwu Chudy
…where to begin?


In less than three decades of existence, I have been a poet, a singer/songwriter, a Music Producer, a Writer and Blogger, a Magazine publisher, a MicroBiologist, a Graphic designer, a Motion Graphics Animator, a Filmmaker, a Game Creator and a Photographer.

I have spent the last three years as a corporate photographer, creatively telling the stories of some of Nigeria’s largest companies. Now, in addition, I create beautiful fine art portraits and also capture the excitement at concerts.

I enjoy taking long walks and listening to podcasts on Economics, Psychology and Astrophysics.

I recently have been exploring the ways art, and photography, in particular, can be a tool for affecting public consciousness and creating change in our world (read more about it)

So contact me if you need a photographer or want to to chat about social change through art or the chances that in our lifetime we’d discover life somewhere else in our galaxy.