My Projects

I genuinely believe photography (and art in general) is a tool powerful enough to effect significant change in the way our society thinks about various issues. I am developing a number of photography projects that address various social issues in an attempt to use my work to inspire change and you can help.

Fund a project

You can support my mission to use my art to create social change by funding a project. Your donation will go towards offsetting the costs that these projects will incur and enable me impact a wide audience with my work


You can also support me by offering your time and skills. I often need models, stylists, makeup artists, PR support and many other things. See details of my specific needs for each project by clicking on the project above.


Tell someone about a project. The success of my projects is tied to their ability to affect people, so by writing about it in your blog, sharing it on your social media or talking to a friend about it, you help the project succeed.