The coronavirus pandemic and the many uncertainties of 2020 have exposed people around the world to the dark reality of a life lived with anxiety, a reality that many others have lived with most of their lives. As a response to my personal struggles with anxiety and depression, I organized a digital group exhibition – “The Peace Exhibit”.

The Peace Exhibit features a collection of fine art portraits and literary works created by over 100 photographers, artists, and writers from 8 Africa countries, exploring the subject of depression, anxiety and the search for personal peace with the sole aim to stir up conversations and shed light on the issue.

Coal – Osagioduwa Agbonifo (Featured in The Peace Exhibit)

The exhibition, since its launch, has received thousands of visitors from across the globe and we have received feedback from Africans who have struggled with depression, who have seen themselves in the incredible literature and photography featured in the exhibition and now know they are not alone, and that there is help available when they need it. We have also received feedback from people who, prior to visiting the exhibition thought depression was a caucasian problem but now realize it is also an African reality and as a result, have learned empathy.

Knowing the impact the online phase of the project has had, I look forward to hosting physical installations of the exhibition across Africa, allowing for physical interactions with the pieces in the exhibition and one on one conversations with the public about depression, anxiety and their effects on the individual and society at large. 

To accomplish this, I need your help.

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